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This is one of those few texts that grapple with highly controversial topics that regard to economics. The author, Dr. Alexander, does not shy away from ambiguity and carefully explores the effects of long wave cycles on stock prices on the market. One thing standing out starkly in the text is the brutal reality that stock markets are grossly over-valued. You will; therefore, be advised to approach them with a lot of caution.

The text takes an analytical approach to economic issues. He takes a historical look at how traditional indicators have been performing for the last several decades. He is looking to establish trends and see if they can be sustained. For a novice in the field, this may sound a bit complicated. However, anybody with a little knowledge of the goings-on in stock markets will find the text quite informative.

The book is; therefore, able to stand out from a multitude of many others. Remember there are so many books on the market cashing in on people’s fascination with stock markets. By studying the trends, one would be able to predict the nature of the stock market in the near future. Consequently, the book will be useful for those planning to approach the market in future.

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