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This is a superb book, but you can only use it as reference pointer. If you are looking for something a little more advanced, this book is going to disappoint you, to say the least. The writer forgets to mention a couple of things, but that should not bother you if you are a beginner. I think he should have divided this book into two parts. In part one, the author should have talked about stock indicators. In the last part, she should have talked about market indicators. The author does not talk about the computation points of interest, and a few estimations are vague. I

In general, it is great reference book for beginners, so I am not sure if I want to read it again in the future. However, I will recommend it to any individual who is keen on specialized investigation and might want to have fast reference book.

The book gives brief case of how to utilize different pointers. This book was not intended to give a complete clarification of the "why's" of specialized examination. Readers who are simply beginning in specialized investigation should therefore read different books, books like "Specialized Analysis Explained, written by Martin Pring. Or you could try reading "Specialized Analysis of the money related markets" by John Murphy.

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