Technical Analysis of the Financial Markets

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I hear people say they’ve wasted a lot of money on trade books to a point they can never buy books anymore.  I guess the most important point they often try to put across is that you must never buy a book if you know it’s not going to serve you. I have been reading Technical Analysis of the Financial Markets and I must say that the book is great for beginners. I am not really  the type of person who says a book is bad. I don’t remember calling any book a dangerous material, but honestly, I do not think I will be reading this book for a second time.

In fact, I will be donating it for free to a friend of mine who has an interest of reading this type of book. The book is good, but I just didn’t love it. I guess my dislike for this book is that I might have read it before without knowing, but what I know for sure is that I have read more basic books that are way better than Technical Analysis of the Financial Markets. However, you should try reading the prologue to find out whether you would spend your hard-earned money on this book.

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