The Daily Trading Coach

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Author: Brett N. Steenbarger
Wiley Trading
Publish date:
January 1, 2009
Average Rating:
4/5 Average Rating

Although I have read a couple of good trading books, I found The Daily Trading Coach to be a rather interesting masterpiece of artwork. Call Brett N. Steenbarger a man of true trade writing, a trader, a jerk of all trade or anything you like, but I couldn’t be more grateful to this author for writing such an amazing book. The Daily Trading Coach provides over 100 lessons to help you become a perfect trade psychologist. In fact, it is the only book you might ever need to read if you want to find out whether you are successful in trading or just making loses in the market.

Besides being an interesting piece to read, it might look somewhat a labor-intensive read. And Brett’s argument for this is that much input is often required to do well in trade. In as much as a couple of traders might see this as a violation of trading principles or whatever, I completely do agree with the author of this book.

Apparently, I do not want to be forgiven for saying this is an amazing book for coaching, because coaching is actually a perfect source of success. Of course, Brett brings out a clear, helpful and genuine argument that quite signifies that without proper coaching, trading will definitely stagnate.

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