The Disciplined Trader

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Author: Mark Douglas
New York Institute of Finance
Publish date:
January 1, 1990
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4/5 Average Rating

Although all traders think differently, there seem to be a common behavioral and thinking pattern amongst a larger group. In fact, we all know the one thing that every trader in the market fears the most: the possibility that developing a winning attitude is somewhat difficult. In his book, The Disciplined Trader, Mark Douglas addresses the issue of developing a positive and winning attitude in trade. He tries to examine why it is so difficult for trades to keep their equity.

Before you read this book, it is important to know that Mark Douglas isn’t providing any reader with detailed description on how to write the next best trading plan.  He isn’t providing any technical knowledge on trade either. This book is purely about mindset. It is a book that will inspire the reader, and teach them how they can change their limited mindset.

The author takes readers through the journey of the mind. He helps readers to understand a certain level of intellect. He uses useful examples to appreciate the role of intellect in trading.  He then takes through the process of breaking the negative thoughts and making you understand that limiting your thoughts is actually the major reason why you are not likely to succeed in trading.

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