The Essentials of Trading

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Author: John Forman
Wiley Trading
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I have been looking for a comprehensive beginner’s books on trading, and I must say that The Essentials of Trading is fully satisfactory. People, like me, how have no idea how to go about trading will find John Foreman’s book quite helpful, motivation and interesting. If you have ever wished that you had a better book to read, you won’t really skip The Essentials of Trading.

The Essentials of Trading is a book for the newbie. If you have never read anything about trading before and you have interest in sole business, this is the best book for you. The content of this book is clear evidence that the author is a highly experienced trader. To make the book interesting to read, John uses real life, interesting examples to make everything clear. His topics are not only amazing, but they are also solid. He grabs the attention of the first time reader in a way I believe no other introduction to trading books can.

Although this book has been widely used outside the four walls of learning institutions, I believe that The Essentials of Trading is a great material that can be used for academic purposes.

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