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I have been reading this book for quite some time now.  It is an interesting book for sure. However, you will notice that The Forex Chartist Companion has two sides: the good and the ugly. For new traders, this book is great for sure. For experienced traders, it is the opposite.

This volume is a brilliant source book of trading instruments for the Forex Trader. You won't locate a complete framework to work with or an introduction on exchanging the Forex. This is not a book for an trading fledgling. Be that as it may, for the understudy merchant searching for devices to add to his/her own exchanging methodology, it gives a "reference book" of thoughts and strategies with which to assess and estimate the conduct of the cash markets. The Forex Chartist Companion is strong reference that has a place next with your exchanging station.

For experienced brokers: This book gives extremely fundamental diagrams of different outlining methods but it never goes into enough profundity. Most areas end along the lines of "this idea is vital information for the dealer. The problem is that a point by point exchange is outside the extent of this book, making this a book only for beginners.

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