The FX Bootcamp Guide

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Author: Wayne McDonell
Wiley Trader
Publish date:
September 22, 2008
Average Rating:
3.5/5 Average Rating

I find The FX Bootcamp Guide to be spot on; the accuracy of this book is truly compelling. There aren’t so many good books on Forex Trading, so, I am lucky I landed on a comprehensive copy. If you, carefully, read this book, just like I did, you will realize that Wayne hits the nail on the head; he doesn’t leave you in suspension, or confused. Again, I must warn you that if you are looking for a book meant for experienced Forex Trader, The FX Bootcamp Guide isn’t the right book to read. Essentially, this book covers the fundamental and technical aspects of Forex Trading. Other topics covered in this book include trade reviews, risk analysis and trade plans & journals.

People love playing by markets’ rules. But Wayne thinks it doesn’t always have to be like this all the time, so he teaches you how you can trade according to your own market rules.

Wayne explains each concisely, leaving no room for fluffs, to say the least. Because it has everything you need to become a successful trader, The FX Bootcamp Guide could be the only book you need to read to become a great trader.

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