The Little Book of Market Wizards

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Author: Jack D. Schwager
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Jack Schwager, the author, has spent more than 2 decades interviewing market gurus who have been quite successful in the field. The outcome of these interviews is the essential lessons that a novice requires in order to emulate their success. The author does not confine himself to what most investment books say but ventures into the real world of trade in order to demystify the foreign exchange trading enigma.

The author’s captivating style of writing appeals to many, especially the young readers. How he manages to persuade the market gurus into revealing their secrets is anybody’s guess. However, very few authors out there can rival Schwager’s great masterpiece on market speculations. The wizards are indeed wizards as they are able to analyze trends and make near accurate predictions on the financial markets before going in for the kill.

Certain main principles of successful financial trading have been outlined in this book. They include tuning your emotional and mental control when losing or winning, strict discipline in keeping to your plan, how not to be a sore loser and developing confidence as a trader, among many others. It is, therefore, a great inspiring text for people out there who are nurturing the ambition to be millionaires by trading on the financial market.

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