The New Market Wizards

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This book consists of interviews from a limited group of people considered as super traders. Successful financial traders reveal the strategies they employed in order to achieve extraordinary success in the always shifting and unpredictable financial markets. Consequently, the book answers some of the underlying questions to which readers are seeking answers.

The author, Jack Schwager, entices the market wizards into sharing their success stories with readers. It makes for an interesting reading experience and Schwager may be on his way to producing another classic. This is an informative, highly entertaining and invaluable text. You don’t need to be a financial or market expert to appreciate the value of this text.

Nevertheless, readers who have already interacted with Schwager’s earlier text, Market Wizards, may find this new edition not as inspiring as the first. This is because The New Market Wizards sound like a recap of the earlier text. However, the latter text focuses more on trading styles rather investment techniques. Consequently, the book is still an important source of information for those who wish to climb up the ladder of success in the market. The super traders interviewed have already assumed legendary proportions and it would be interesting to see if their ideas can hold any water.

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