The Psychology of Trading

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Author: Brett N. Steenbarger
Wiley Trading
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The Psychology of Trading is a book you will read from cover to cover. It’s not a book for those looking for entertaining fiction on trading. It spans from a book about trading to the best learning material for those who want to make life and trade discoveries. The idea that success or failure in trading is determined by behavioral patterns is actually commonsense. What’s more, Brett writes this book in a manner that suggests that the normal state of mind is often determined by our daily experiences, and, in my opinion, this is, actually, part of what actually impact our trade patterns.

The Psychology of Trading has a lot to teach you. For example, you will learn that behavior is not only patterned, but also affect the way you trade. Brett deeply explores our normal state of mind, and he explains how the levels of our thinking determine the limits of our abilities.  And as far as trading is concerned, one’s success in the industry will most likely come from what does not come naturally.

My take on this book is that anyone who’s willing to make discoveries about oneself and their trading patterns should really start reading this book as soon as possible.

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