Trading in the Global Currency Markets

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Author: Cornelius Luca
Prentice Hall
Publish date:
January 1, 1995
Average Rating:
2.5/5 Average Rating

There is so much you could say about this book, including coining it a textbook with random information written by assumed to be an author guy. A friend of mine who bought this book from Amazon thought it was somewhat a silly piece. What he truly didn’t know is that Trading in the Global Currency Market isn’t a book for those who have trading experience and extensive knowledge. He must have also failed to realize that global markets are wide and therefore no single book is enough to cover all the basic. And what does it matter what him and other readers have called the writer? No -  people need to read synopsis before buying trading books.

Trading in the Global Currency Markets will help people who need basic information. If you are new to Global Forex Trading, this book is for you. The book touches on interesting topics, including risk management, trading psychology and trading rules to mention but a few examples.  By the time you finish reading this book, you will realize that it is possible to trade, irrespective of the market atmosphere. The author walks through what to do and what not to do, making it sound completely interesting for starters.

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