Trading in the Zone

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Author: Mark Douglas
Prentice Hall
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If you are like most people, or, at least, like me, you will understand that you really don’t know much about trading. In fact, many people who wish to get into business are often clueless about what it is they want to do – or to achieve – to say the least.

Trading in the Zone is one of the best trading books authored by Mark Douglas. The book is a perfect artwork, which deeply uncovers lack of consistency among traders. The contents of the book is also dedicated to uncovering the mental habits that often end up costing traders a lot of money. Douglas walks you through the myths of trading in the market, and he encourages you to stop look at random outcomes, to say the least. Forgive me for saying that this book is somewhat written for losing traders too. It helps to understand that losing in trade is normal and making mistakes in any trade is naturally a human phenomenon – at least this is what I believe.

Trading in the Zone also dives deeper into the true realities of risks and risk management. There is still more to learn from this book, but I will let you find that out on your own.

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