Trading Regime Analysis

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Author: Murray Gunn
Publish date:
January 1, 2009
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3.5 Average Rating

Trading Regime Analysis is a great book to read if you want to learn how the market behaves and how to profit from the behavior. Murray Gunn argues that all markets are influenced by human nature. The book not only offers in-depth analysis on whether a market is about to start trending, but also provide useful content on trading regime analysis. The book also explains whether a market is ready to enter a period of trading.

Murray simplifies the argument about the market in a way anyone can understand. He, clearly, explains why markets rise and fall. Primarily, Gunn’s argument on the rise and fall of the market is that fluctuation can only be caused by human emotions.

Another important aspect that Gunn speaks about is time. Timing factor, as described in Trading Regime Analysis, is everything as far as investing and trading is concerned. Most importantly, he argues that timing can help you take advantage of the dynamics of market price. And in as much as Trading Regime Analysis argues that timing is an important factor in trading, Gunn stresses that it pays to observe the overall behavior and psychology of the overall market.

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