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Company Overview

Nadex (Northern American Derivatives Exchange) is a US-based online binary options broker owned by North American Derivatives Exchange, Inc. In 2004, John Nafeh found the company in California and today, its headquarters is in Chicago, IL. CFTC regulates the company. The company offers to trade in commodities, forex, currency, bitcoin trading, spreads, ETFs, and stock indices. Besides these trading services, it also provides educational courses and gives away e-books, videos, handbooks, and conducts webinars for its customers. With the increase in demand for intraday products (buying and selling the product in the same day), the company started services for 20-minute binary trade option.

Trading Platform

Nadex offers several trading platforms. It has its own Nadex trading platform online for Windows, Mac, and Linux. The company also provides platforms to trade via mobiles using Android and iOS apps. It also provides desktop software that you can download and install to access and manage your accounts from your PC. The desktop trading platform by Nadex is called Nadex Pro.

A free demo account manages the trading platform,while the Nadex account can be opened with $100. With a single account, customers can manage all of their trading options on various platforms. The company offers four types of trading accounts. The first is the individual account, which is only for US residents. Another type of account is the individual account for international customers. The list of eligible countries is available on the Nadex website. The company also offers an account for trusts, partnerships, corporation and LLCs. All types of trading accounts require $100 of minimum deposit.


  • Fixed and pre-determined maximum losses and profits
  • $100 fixed minimum deposit
  • Fast withdrawal
  • 20-minute binary trade option
  • No debit risk
  • Free access to real-time data and charts
  • Market order with protection
  • Dedicated customer support
  • Free demo account

Customer Support

Nadex offers customer support via email, phone, and a toll-free number that customers can use to contact it Monday to Thursday from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. Customers can also reach the company by filling an online application form.


Customers can feel at ease with only one account to manage all kinds of trades. Opening an account is not a difficult task at all; you just need to fill the form on the website and make the payment via a debit card. It requires only a $100 to open an account. The company also offers weekly webinars which are helpful for new traders.

The best thing about the company is that it offers a demo account. This demo account is suitable for those who want to learn how to trade different options. With the demo account, the company gives customers $25000 worth of virtual money. It is a lifetime account which you can use to trade with real-time data and analysis. This service makes the company unique and stand out from the crowd. Overall, the company's services are reliable and trustworthy.

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Nadex Review

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