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Company Overview

BinaryBrokerZ is one of the relatively newer binary options brokers. It's based in London and was launched back in late 2014. The trading platform is managed and owned by DSMG UK, a holding company based in London, UK. It is among the very few brokers that have adopted the advanced TradeSmarter's binary trading platform.

Not only does it have an advanced and white label trading platform, but its trading platform also supports social trading, which is the latest rage in online binary trading. It is also among the very few binary brokers in the industry that offer the benefit of a demo account to their traders.

Trading Platform

BinaryBrokerZ uses a highly advanced and white label trading platform that is provided by TradeSmarter, a leading name in online trading platforms. Although this white label platform is not common among binary brokers as compared to SpotOption's platform, there's no doubt that the platform offered by TradeSmarter is superior when compared to other white label trading platforms in the industry of binary trading.

What makes this company even more unique is that it also provides support for social trading. With this feature, traders have a choice to either simply watch others trade or choose to follow and trade with the successful traders of the world of social trading.

Traders can simply choose to duplicate the trading actions taken by the more successful traders. With this approach, the company has introduced a new and innovative way to trade in the binary options market.


The best features of BinaryBrokerZ have to be its white label trading platform and social trading feature. It also offers its traders multiple choices when it comes to trading charts including Social Chart, Candlestick Chart, and Line Chart. These charts are very helpful and useful as they will provide you with alternative perspectives on binary market conditions so that you can trade better.

Another interesting feature offered by the BinaryBrokerZ platform is its Risk-O-Meter as traders can decide the ratio of risk they are willing to assume with every trade they conduct.

Customer Support

Customer support offered by BinaryBrokerZ is pretty much the same as other binary brokers. It provides support to its customers via email, live chat and telephone. However, the live chat option is only available to the traders who own an account as it is available under the Support menu.


BinaryBrokerZ is a newer platform when it comes to binary brokers, but it offers traders quite a few reasons to try this new and white label trading platform. With the choice of TradeSmarter's platform, traders have full control over their traders. The option of the demo account is another good feature. Thus, the company has laid a strong foundation to establish itself as a leading broker in the binary trade industry, but there are some areas on which it needs to work before it can aim to get on top of the binary trading industry.

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BinaryBrokerZ Review

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    I've had my ups and downs in trading, after getting duped by an unregulated broker. I had to go through a lot to get a refund. so far no other bad encounters, a friend of mine just got her money back from stoxmarket a well.