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Company overview

CTOption is owned and managed by Paddington Global Ltd and is a London-based binary options trading platform. The company operates in more than a hundred countries. A look at its website will tell you that you are dealing with professionals. It has adopted a rather different trading platform as compared to the other options out there. You can expect to have a unique and fulfilling trading experience if you associate with this company.

Trading platform

Going against the tide, CTOption has adapted a generic trading platform which not many have heard of. It is the Panda Trading Systems Ltd that the company has made use of. Many people are not aware of this platform, despite the fact that it has been in business since 2006.

The trading platform pays heed to the requirements of online traders. It is flexible in its approach and thus, has ensured that modern trends are a part of its trading platform. It has incorporated mobile trading into its platform as well. The platform is easy to operate, and you would not be required to undergo any extensive training to understand and use it. A lot of tools are present for the traders' use who can use it to make their trading more feasible.

The platform supports robot or automated trading, which very few binary trading platforms offer.

There are four types of trading contracts that the company offers. These include high/low, hyper, range and one-touch options.

There are three types of trading accounts offered. These include the mini trading account, standard trading account, and executive trading account. Muslim traders have the option of availing the Islamic trading account as well, which is in accordance with sharia law.


  • 24-hour withdrawals
  • High returns
  • Mobile trading supported
  • Supportsrobot trading
  • User-friendly platform
  • Excellent customer service
  • Deposits and withdrawals can be done through credit/debit cards, eWallets and wire transfer

Customer support

The company ensures that traders can contact it at any time. It has made it certain that traders are provided with the guidance that they require. Its customer support service can be availed via live chat, email and telephone. It is highly responsive and ensures that your queries and doubts are answered in an effective manner.


The thing about this company which stands out is its tendency to walk against the tide. It does not believe in walking with the crowd. It ensures that it provides traders with what they are looking for. It is willing to expand and push its boundaries. While doing all this, it does not neglect its clients. The company strives to ensure that the best service is offered to its clients and that the best deals are offered to them. Thus, if you are looking for a reliable trading platform, this is one option that would not disappoint you. You can be confident that you will not be let down if this is the company that you opt for.

Office website: https://ctoption.com/

CTOption Review

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