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Company Overview

OptioNow is among the newer names in the binary options trading platform market. It has been established by financial professionals through the holding company Zluti Marketing Ltd. Its headquarters is located in Anguilla, but OptioNow operates from other satellite offices situated in the UK and Gibraltar. It offers a trading platform that aims to provide binary traders with services that are geared towards professionalism, integrity, and honesty.

Trading Platform

Like many other newer names in the binary options trading market, OptioNow uses a trading platform powered by 2nd GEN SpotOption. While the platform's simplistic design resembles the first generation platforms, that's only where the similarities are.

Every trader that has had the opportunity to try out the 2nd GEN platform realizes that it packs a heavy punch in terms of features. For instance, traders can pit their asset's performance against another asset's performance of the same class using the 'Pairs' trading feature. Binary traders can also execute the complex 'Ladder' strategy with just one click. Brokers using 2nd GEN SpotOption trading platform know that they are ahead of the curve as there's no other binary trading platform at the moment that can match its performance and features.


Trading platforms powered by SpotOption 2nd GEN always have extra features that set them apart from the competition, and that's also true for the OptioNow platform. Apart from the Pairs and Ladder trade features discussed above, the OptioNow platform offers its users access to various risk management tools such as Double Up, Roll Forward and Buy Me Out. If these features are used properly, traders can easily change a losing trade to a winning one.

Apart from the traditional trading contracts such as the One Touch and High/Low binary options, OptioNow also offers trading options that have longer expiry periods and Ladders and Pairs options to benefit the customers and improve their trading options. One thing worth noting is that these options are available for 2nd GEN SpotOption platforms only.

OptioNow also gives its traders the opportunity of trading CFDs for forex and other commodities. There are not many, if any, brokers that provide the traders with a range of product offering as diverse as this.

Customer Support

Its website is available in three different languages, namely English, Arabic and Russian. It also has multilingual support staff that traders can contact using telephone, web contact form or email. The customer support services are available for 24 hours, every five days of the week. However, one thing missing from the customer services offered is the live chat option, which is a huge letdown because traders can't get rapid responses to trivial matters.


OptioNow lives up to the corporate philosophy very nicely and provides traders with a fulfilling trading experience. They are quick to notice any shortcomings pointed out to them and if OptioNow continues on this course and upgrades the quality of the services offered, its reputation will grow in the binary options trading world.

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