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Company Overview

Optionyard is one of the newest established binary options brokers that is registered in Cyprus but has offices all over the world. It is owned by Formont Investments Ltd.What's unique about Optionyard is that its trading platform contains some advanced and innovative trading tools, although they are more attractive to those people who are technologically savvy.

Trading Platform

Optionyard provides investors with the opportunity to reap very high returns by trading in binary options on currencies, commodities, indices, stocks, and even bonds for 24 hours a day, six days per week. The trading platform is web-based and very easy to use as traders can easily perform a trade in just three simple steps.

The company is also planning to reveal a mobile trading platform to make life easier for its investors. This trading platform is to be compatible with Android phones and iPhones, and it will allow Optionyard traders to trade on the move.

Types of Trades

Optionyard offers its traders a choice of five different classes of binary options to deal in:

  • Digital/Binary Options: This is the most popular class of options to deal with.
  • Range Options: Lets you predict the range where the price of the asset will fall within.
  • Touch Options: You can trade based on the predefined levels of the price of an asset.
  • One Touch Options: You can profit from assets when they reach a predefined price target.
  • 1 Minute Options: You can trade on assets that will expire in sixty seconds.


Apart from the five classes of binary options, Optionyard offers other additional features that let traders maximize their returns.These features include:

  • Take Profit Feature
  • Stop Loss Feature
  • Extend/Rollover Feature
  • Auto-Trading Feature
  • Double-up Feature
  • Insurance

So far, Optionyard is the only trading platform offering such a vast range of features to its traders for profit maximization.

It is known for its reliability and ensures that traders can trade without any setbacks. For this purpose, it provides a wide range of reliable fund transfer methods so that traders can easily deposit and withdraw. It also ensures data transmission over the internet is safe with its 128-bit encryption algorithm.

Customer Support

Optionyard is popular internationally because its website is available in five different languages which enable the international audience to connect and trade easily. These five languages include English, French, German, Turkish, and Arabic. It also provides a support team to its international customers with a localized contact number in countries including Australia, Bahrain, Canada, Cyprus, Germany, South Africa, Turkey and the United Kingdom. Online customer support is also available to customers through live chat that is available for five days (Monday to Friday) from 8:00 to 21:00 GMT. You can also email them for further support.


Optionyard is a new player in the market of binary options, but the broker's innovative trading platform features unique trading tools that are useful for the profit optimization of your invested capital. That's why the company is already a leader in the binary options market.

Office website: https://optionyard.com/

Optionyard Review

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