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Company Overview

Redwood Options is a binary broker based in London and Gibraltar, and it's among the newer names in the binary trading industry. Owned and operated by Blue Sky Solution which is a holding company, Redwood Options consider itself to be different from the other brokers in the binary trading industry.

It believes in learning from the weaknesses and mistakes of other brokers and turning them into its strengths that traders can capitalize on. A good example of this is its Trading Academy. This trading academy program offers a progressive learning structure to traders so that they can get proper training.In simpler words, newbie traders have to graduate from Redwood Options before they can move on to the higher levels of its trading program.

Trading Platform

Having talked about its unique Trading Academy, it would be pleasurable to discuss how the company offers a trading platform that is new and exciting, but that's not the case. The trading platform offered by Redwood Options is the one based on SpotOption's trading engine, which is being used by many other binary trading brokers. However, there's positive in this situation too as this platform is very easy to operate and has been proven to be reliable.


Redwood Options is known for some useful tools that make it unique in the trading industry. These features of the SpotOption trading platform are unique to it, and that's why traders value it. Rollover, Double Up and Open Platform Mode which allows traders to access the feature Buy Me Out make the company stand out. Rollover and Buy Me Out features are useful tools that can be employed by traders for risk management strategies.

It also offers four choices when it comes to the types of trading contacts including 60 Seconds options, Classic Up/Down options, One Touch options and Option Builder.

In terms of trading accounts, it offers Mini Trading Account, Executive Trading Account and Gold Trading Account.

Another impressive feature comes in the form of reliability that the company delivers. All the internet traffic is secured and encrypted via SSL standards. All funding withdrawals and transactions are carried out in compliance with international regulations and traders can use wire transfer, eWallet and credit or debit cards to make these transactions.

Customer Support

Redwood Options lives up to its corporate philosophy when it comes to the standard of its customer support services because it really is commendable. It offers unparalleled customer support to its traders because of the mutual interest that lies in its clients' success. Support is available 24 hours a day for five days a week, and traders can use various means to access this support such as email, live chat and telephone.


Redwood Options is a young player in the binary trading industry, but it is already making a name for itself and drawing attention due to the proactive attitude of its owners. You can expect to see good things coming from it as it certainly has potential.

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Redwood Options Review
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