InstaForex Bonus

Bonus 6years go (2016) landofforex
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Dates: Always

Available to: Members who are new and create a trading account.

Bonus Amount: No deposit bonus amount will be varying from one person to another person. The bonus amount which is provided may around $100.

How to get: In order to get no deposit bonus, the members have to create a trading account and also they have to upload the copy of any of their ID.

Withdrawal: Members can withdraw the amount when the trade volume of selling and buying trades gets equal to total amount of bonus*25 InstaForex.

Bonus detail: Bonus will be offered to the new clients who create a new trading account.


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  • Subuh Rabani
    Subuh Rabani Guest

    I just received a 30% welcome bonus from InstaForex. It's so easy, apply the bonus after making a deposit, the bonus was credited to my account automatically. Let’s try!

  • Andy
    Andy Guest

    This broker is definitely a good choice. Their trading conditions are good, especially tight spreads. Platform works well, without requotes and deposits and withdrawals methods are processed in a short time of period.

  • Burt
    Burt Guest

    I've trade at Instaforex for years, no problems at all. A very important reason that I stay with this broker is its wide service range. I can find whatever pairs or shares I need, and I can also make money from followers.

    Wish it can do better in the future!

  • Malay
    Malay Guest

    I have been trading live with Instaforex since February 2014. Definitely a top broker, and the first I've actually trusted. Account sizes I've tried: 1000$ starter to 1.000.000$ today. I already withdraw from them several times. The withdrawal process is so simple, and it arrived in my bank account in 1-2 day , ID check was all online (very quick), had email from account manager very quick, leverage increased to 1:400 with a quick email, awesome execution (best every had), very low slippage if any, great spreads, A book only broker

  • Tuu
    Tuu Guest

    InstaForex has low transaction costs with the ECN. My transaction cost is as low as possible with their fixed $3 per trade commission rates. They have competitive and reasonable rates. In addition, InstaForex offer me high leverage, I managed to stretch my investment capital quite a bit. Maximum returns with minimum outlay

  • wellington
    wellington Guest

    favorite broker ever since this broker provide wide service range. bonus with no deposit are worth to try because they give 50 USD for bonus and the claiming session is so easy. just follow a few step and verification of the document then you can get those bonus and start trading using the bonus !

  • Victoria
    Victoria Guest

    I started trading with Instaforex one year ago, and I also noticed a change in their platform. InstaForex has tight spread with high leverage. They offered different leverage depending on what I trade. InstaForex offers a variety of financial instruments to trade. They have CFDs, which is good and easy to trade without hassle. Also, the platform was easy to use and it is accessible via my android, which means that I can trade while on the go. When I first signed up, the customer service representative called me within a few hours of my sign up to discuss how to use the platform and they offered tips on what to trade, which was nice. Therefore, I will continue to use InstaForex because I have a great first experience with them. Moreover, the customer service was polite. Therefore, I will continue to use InstaForex until I find something better.

  • Lincoln Jr.
    Lincoln Jr. Guest

    I’ve been trading with instaforex for 1 years and instaforex is a reliable broker that have good security in term of the withdrawal which is trader must insert a code from sms to verified their withdrawal. Moreover their bonus also is the best one that can boost your margin such as welcome bonus 200% from deposit amount (for first time deposit only). If you want to try their service you can claim the no deposit bonus (I’m one of the client that claim the bonus) which is 50 Bucks and you can evaluate their service by yourself which is you will said they are the best broker that give the best service. Don’t worry if you have any queries you can contact their support to solve you your problem and they really fast respond with their client. Thanks instaforex for the best service you give to me

  • Miley
    Miley Guest

    I have been trading with Instaforex for 2 years, sine then, I could see that they are constantly improving their servies, also they offer fixed spreads during trading hours, and an excellent platform to trade MT4, I use the pc version and android one. I havel alredy used their 30% bônus and the 55% one, the conditions are clear, you get the bonus as soon as you request, the withrawal of my profits was fast, and after that I invested in different currencies, and I can say that I have no regret to be their client.

  • Hennry
    Hennry Guest

    I met Instaforex because my bro told me to do a favor, and I did. Once I got the $10 bonus, I thought I will only play with this $10 then I couldn't stop. Now I'm mostly use 30% deposit bonus to increase my fund ($5 referring fund is too small even it's free), some times lose, some times gain. It's a good game if you can handle the heartbeat

  • VezziFx
    VezziFx Guest

    I started to trade with InstaForex after a friend recommend them to me. I opened a demo account and after only 10 days I opened a live trading account Insta.Standard in currency USD. It passed over a year now and I still trade with them. The platform I use is MetaTrader 4, which has fast execution, real time prices and no crazy spreads during news feed. My initial deposit was 300$. To deposit and withdraw I use ePayments or Skrill, never had problems and there is no fees. I had applied for 55% welcome bonus for each new deposit, and I still benefit from this bonus. My trading strategy involves also Autochartist and Forex calculator. On a daily basis I trade major pair EUR/USD, exotic pairs EUR/DKK and USD/DKK, also Bitcoin. The past 3 months with Bitcoin my profit grew with 20%. I make usually 1400-1500$/ month, and the past 3 months I have a profit of 1700-1800$. The withdraw process took from 3 hours up to 2 working days. It's a honest and transparent broker.

  • Thorpip
    Thorpip Guest

    I trade with InstaForex for more the one year and I am pleased with their services. I have two accounts, one is Insta.Standard and one is PAMM account. I registered also as a ForexCopy trader, and I earn commission from that as well. I use MetaTrader 5 to trade and is friendly user with real time prices. The broker has a good client orientated policy, which I like. I trade EUR/USD, USD/JPY, USD/CHF, USD/CAD, USD/YEN, USD/ZND, Gold, Silver, Crude Oil, Natural Gas and Bitcoin. I don't trade all that on a daily bases but that is the most usual pairs. This past couple of weeks I made a nice profit trading Bitcoin, of over 2000$, but is is just because of the crazy increasing price of Bitcoin, which lucky me I had bought Bitcoin last year when it was around 1000$/bitcoin. Usually my profit is around 1500$ trading currency. I recommend the broker, for the bonuses, campaigns and contests as well.

  • Prabudi
    Prabudi Guest

    I have been with InstaForex for 3 months now after terrible experiences with 4 other broker. As promised in the promotional offer, got a $50 bonus and started trade with this. I've checked my customized EA on their platform and its working perfectly. Their feed is really good and I have had only 2 disconnection till now. Within one month I made profit of $95 and I made a small withdrawal of $70 through Skrill to test their withdrawal methods and they processed it within 8 hours. Now I am trading with $500 which is my own investment and at the moment everything is fine. Overall I'm happy and intend to stay with them.

  • Rominahfx
    Rominahfx Guest

    I work with InstaForex for 5 months and till now I don't have complains. I have a Insta.Standard account with a first deposit of 300$, and I applied for 30% welcome bonus, which was credited to my account the next working day. I use for deposit and withdraw my Visa Credit Card and I didn't had issues. I trade with them on the MetaTrader 5 platform, which works with fast execution of trades and no crazy spreads. I trade Gold, Silver, Shares - Apple, Toshiba, Samsung, Bitcoin and currency pairs EUR/USD, GBP/EUR, USD/CAD. I use also Autochartist and one EA which helps me trading currency with strong signals. MY profit is around 1000$ monthly. I recommend the broker.

  • HoriaFx
    HoriaFx Guest

    I have a live account, Insta.Standard in USD currency and I trade with InstaForex currency, Gold, Silver, Bitcoin and share from Apple and Amazon. My first deposit was 250$ and I applied also for the No Deposit Bonus. The Platform MT4 with the time frame M15 works the best in my case. I use also Autochartist. My profit is over 1500$ and this the only income I have. The process of withdraw is easy and user friendly, it takes up to 48h. I like the broker because is honest and is not manipulating the prices on the platform.

  • Jushb
    Jushb Guest

    As a trader I could say that I'm satisfied with trading using Instaforex for 3 months and their conditions and terms are convenient for me. The broker are really reliable and good with a lot of advantages, good execution, smart support, a lot of bonuses, prompt service. I made good profit with Instaforex due to their bonus $500 no deposit bonus and earned profit almost 15-20% every month after I topped up my account with 10%. Frankly speaking, I never thought that these bonuses are real. They never interrupt my trading and I have no re-quotes on my account. This broker proved me that they are really credited and you can easily use them. Their customers support is pretty good too. They always answer to my e-mails promptly. Definitely recommended to all traders both beginners and professionals.

  • Manay
    Manay Guest

    I choose Instaforex and traded for 5 months because of their low spreads, fast execution and other good trading conditions. I want to say that its my first broker, I have not tried any other one before to compare or judge this Company well, but I would like to tell that they deserve my respect. I've used their deposit bonus and it worked perfectly in addition to my $50 deposit. Orders are opened without delay using EURUSD and I am satisfied with the results. Within 2 weeks I doubled my initial deposit and decided to withdraw the half. Luckily, the withdrawal of money is quick and without any restrictions using Instaforex debit card. Now, I earn profits weekly for 10-15% without any problems as well as my withdrawal requests because they processed it pretty fast each time I withdraw. I can recommend them with pleasure. In addition, I am planning to invest in their PAMM account and I’m going to share my next experience here about them later.

  • Kemi
    Kemi Guest

    Instaforex has been my broker for 5 years now, I have my reasons of still trading with this broker. It is my first broker, I started learning on how to trade with Instaforex educational materials the section ''for beginners'' on the website was of help to me. I started with $50 and got a bonus of 250% bonus. Instaforex platform is so friendly, that my profits have been steady, although I won't say instaforex is perfect, but compare with the information I've been reading online about some brokers, I will say Instaforex is still the best for me.

  • vikaso
    vikaso Guest

    I chose InstaForex mainly for their exciting contest and bonus offer. Two months ago I was participated their Sniper contest. Surprisingly I was the one who got from InstaForex $550 prize after my resounding victory in their Sniper contest. I start trading with this bonus and made some profit of $251. End of the last months I put a withdraw request of $80 from my profit through Neteller and they processed it within in 2 days after the verification completed. . After that I opened another account and deposit $30 and got 55% bonus on it. I am happy with InstaForex.

  • Vruhk
    Vruhk Guest

    I also started trading at Instaforex through this bonus. I had a few losses before I finally had that 10% profit. Then I replenished my account as per the agreement and continued trading. I have been replenishing my account every now and then while learning through the process as well. After a few months, I was able to find my trading style and the strategy suited with me and have earned steady profit every month. On top of this bonus and their other bonuses is their top quality platform. It runs smoothly and I have no problem with it at all. So with their excellent platform and generosity, their clients will surely have a good future in trading.

  • Robi
    Robi Guest

    When I found out about the no deposit bonus of Instaforex, I already thought that they were a generous broker. I opened an account with them using this bonus since there is nothing I could lose. There were terms and conditions but they were not very demanding. I enjoyed trading and ended up being with them for 3 years now. And their generosity continued even after all the deposits and withdrawals I made. They had more bonuses and contests. If I am to add all the withdrawals, it's probably over $2000 now. And another good thing, withdrawals are processed only for a day. I always receive my fund the next day.

  • BDMamun
    BDMamun Guest

    Honestly Speaking, I got brilliant service from InstaForex broker. Really the Platform is mind-blowing trade execution with powerful tools and analysis. Besides they have an amazing bonus program. I received a 55% deposit bonus after each deposit. Also, I've found free signal via telegram apps and my payment always in time via Neteller. so I am satisfied with these services, which keep me to continue trading with them.

  • Ali
    Ali Guest

    Claiming the bonus is not troublesome with Instaforex. For as long as you have the necessary documents and you have fully understood the terms and conditions, then there should be no problem. The bonus is readily available for trading but it won't be available for withdrawal until you reach the trading lot size indicated in the T&C. For me, this bonus was a good way to try a new trading strategy. You see, I am trading with a live account but I am not risking my own money. Thanks Instaforex for this!

  • Fokira
    Fokira Guest

    Been trading with InstaForex for three months now and they are very professional broker. I open their Standard account with $350 and get $105 extra as a 30% welcome bonus. I like their platform, execution work very fine, no requite. Until now I have made 3 withdraw. My last withdrawal was $200 through Solidtrust transfer and it was processed within 1 hours. I don't think I'll use any other broker.

  • Maxwell
    Maxwell Guest

    InstaForex broker has wide ranges of bonus promotions, recently they have published a promo on Facebook, where they gave $500 startup bonus. I've registered by the special link and get this startup bonus. Now I am using it on live trade, while I've earned some profit but I can be withdrawn this profit after a 10% deposit on this account. I think it is a great opportunity for me to start forex trading in the market.

  • Riri
    Riri Guest

    I received the startup bonus from Instaforex. It was a great help to someone with a lot of hesitations. You might say I have a weak heart because I really had second thoughts on whether I should push through with Forex trading. That is why when the bonus was offered, I instantly grabbed it. It was really helpful because I was able to weigh my capability to trade. And since I saw that I can earn well, I no longer hesitated to deposit real money.

  • InstaForex Gertrude Fritz
    InstaForex Gertrude Fritz Guest

    Thank you for the appreciation. We will do our best service to make it more better, If you have problem with your account, please contact the support service by one of these two emails [email protected] or [email protected], providing your account number so they can assist you regarding your problem. Thank you and have a good day!

  • InstaForex Gertrude Fritz
    InstaForex Gertrude Fritz Guest

    This is Gertrude, one of the official representative of InstaForex.In behalf of InstaForex, we would like to thank you for giving us a very satisfactory rate. We will continue to provide an excellent service, have a good day 🙂

  • Bentaly
    Bentaly Guest

    Let me share my experiences here with InstaForex. At the beginning, I started their demo account and after gaining some self-confidence, I started to trade with real account with $450. At the first, I was lost about $120 but it was from my fault and I carry on learning again. Now I am familiar with about forex analysis. I start following their analysis on a regular basis and got some success. Within 2 months I am able to make profit around $310 with this bonus. Even once have withdrawn my profit of $200 through Skirll and they send it within 5 hours. I`m very happy with my trading with Insta.

  • Hatury
    Hatury Guest

    I agree with the Positive reviews here. InstaForex is a very honest broker. I register with their affiliate program, just in two months, 8 of my friends join on my referral. I managed to earn $421 from referral. Last month I made a withdraw request to with my referral bonus of $330 and they send it to my Skrill account within same day. Now I am thinking became their Local IB.

  • Gustav
    Gustav Guest

    The customer support team of Instaforex is very responsive and polite. For me, one of the most important aspect in any company is their customer relation because this is where the trust is being built. That is why I appreciate that Instaforex is always making us feel that we could always count on them whenever we have concerns.

    • Polina InstaForex
      Polina InstaForex Guest

      Hello, we are sorry for the late reply. We are really happy to have you as a customer and always glad to help if needed! Thank you for choosing us. We wish you good luck in 2021!

  • manekullah
    manekullah Guest

    I am so happy with Instaforex broker due to some advantages issues which is beneficial for any new traders. Especially anyone could be beneficial with their no deposit bonus, educational materials and market analysis, which increased anyone trading knowledge and skills. I started trading with them since March 2017 and I have seen that the MT4 platform are so advanced due to up-to-date tools, indicator and software. So trading is easy for me in the market. I have used their Pattern Graphix and Superior Forex Desk, which brings me a successful trading life with rich profit. Last month I had made $260 in my account. Every month I had withdrawn some money too through the Skrill account. Overall I am satisfied with them so far.

    • Polina InstaForex
      Polina InstaForex Guest

      Hello, we really appreciate your feedback. Thank you for choosing us!