In August metrics Monex group reports a drop since DARTs sink 16% MoM

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Monex group has reported its business metrics of August 2016 and it shows consecutive decrease when compared with July’s reports. According to DARTs (Daily Average Revenue Trades), the figures of Japanese broker turn down to 275,082 after the interval in June. This is the outline which has been shown in the industry in the recent times. It is because of the volatile market situations.

August Metrics

As of today’s reports DARTs are decreased to 231,108. It is considered to be a representation of the decrease of 16% MoM which is compounded by the yearly decrease of 34 percent compared with the figures of 351,104 in August 2015.

Although the downturn in this month saw an increase in the accounts which are at Monex increased from 1,655,294 to 1,658,703 in July 2016. According to Monex’s FX business the number of OTC FX accounts registered at 228,697 has shown an increase more than the figures of July which is 228,124.

Monex recorded ¥85,374 billion per business day as the average trade value. But it was around ¥135,405 in the month of July. By comparing these two values Monex has faced the decrease of 37 percent MoM.

In fact, TradeStation has also shown the decrease of DARTs from 97,313 to 91,241 in the month of August. According to the number of active accounts, the figures of July were 61,752 when compared with 62,018. This is a marginal decrease which is around 0.45 percent MoM. Actually this is considered as a critical and challenging time for Monex.

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