Financial results of H1 2016 has been released by Dukascopy Bank

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Dukascopy Bank is one among the major swiss brokerages offering foreign exchange has released a report that confirms the bank has reached the figures of CHF 17.2 million as its total income and it is a new record. Actually H1 2015 was also a record semester of the firm and when compared with the report of H1 2015, 1.6 percent has been increased.

The brokerage has announced that the net profit is actually 25.8 percent below than the previous 2015 report but the firm considers this as a satisfactory record. The firm has reported that they have earned this increase because of the expenses of marketing initiatives and IT developments.

Japan Weighs

According to the group level, the final income is increased to 2.4 percent when compared with the reports of H1 2015 with CHF 18.1 million. However, the losses that the Dukascopy has faced in the initial stage is still there at the launching phase and it has affected the net profit which is calculated for the half year and it is finalized as CHF 1.9 million.

Despite of this, Japan is displaying exceptional growth but still it is expected that the growth of Japan will be affected in the year 2017.

The figures which are released today reflected the incomparable performance and the stability of Dukascopy bank and it the financial situation of Dukascopy Group. This has been already been confirmed when the record profits of last year have been announced by Finance Magnates in last February.  Moreover,

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