eToro OpenBook Review

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eToro is a regulated broker by ASIC, CFTC, CySEC, and NFA and is established to provide the best trading results to the traders. Rather than providing clients with one standard platform, it supplies users with a complete suite of online investment solutions that allows them to invest according to their needs.

Its platforms are user-friendly as well as fast and permit users to make the investment through uncomplicated means. Out of many trading platforms of eToro, the most popular and commonly used one is OpenBook. Here are some of its details.

eToro OpenBook

OpenBook is the main social trading platform of eToro. It was launched back in 2010. Unlike many popular trading platforms, this one is unique as it possesses a social element that enables users to interact with each other.

It allows users to associate with various other investors who are a part of the eToro network. The aim of this trading platform is to connect users so that they can tap into their shared wisdom. eToro OpenBook comes with a broad range of exciting features.

It provides clients with different market pages as well as the eToro top trader rankings so that they can make an informed decision. Traders can also look for the investors who interest them on this platform. They can also follow them if they wish to receive their latest updates. Not only this, but customers can also copy all of their trading activity automatically through the CopyTrader tool.

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