OANDA Currency Converter

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OANDA is a renowned name in the forex industry. It is a leader not only in currency data but also in providing CFD and forex trading. Apart from that, this company is famous for providing exceptional exchange rate services and corporate FX transfers for a broad array of investors and organizations. Here is a brief review of the OANDA currency converter.

OANDA Currency Converter

OANDA provides a straightforward and easy way to understand the exchange rates. Its currency calculator tools make use of the OANDA rates, which are standard foreign currency rates that are put together from the contributors of major markets. The rates that OANDA provides are trusted by leading auditing firms, tax authorities, corporations, and individuals all across the globe.

For using the OANDA currency converter, users are required to type 3-letter ISO currency symbols, currency names, or country names for automatic selection of the currency. It can convert not only world currencies but also obsolete currencies or precious metals that are marked with an asterisk.

For a better approximation of tourist exchange rates that are charged by the financial institutions, users are required to pick a percentage from the list of interbank rate.

OANDA Currency Converter App for Mobile

You can also get the precise exchange rate information on the go. OANDA provides filtered rates of over 190 currencies along with four metals. You can also enter a percentage to better estimate the rates charged by your credit card company or bank. Its mobile app is free and available for iPhone, Android, Blackberry, and PlayBook users.

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