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Company Overview

Key to Markets is an independent brokerage firm that offers access to the financial markets for private, corporate, and institutional clients in any country. The company provides a broad range of products and all-around customer service to give its clients the opportunity to enjoy an innovative trading experience. A team of experts with an effective and transparent approach makes Key to Markets a reliable partner for both private and professional investors. The broker is FCA regulated and has partners in the US, UK, Europe, Middle East and Asia.

Trading Platforms

MetaTrader 4 is the most famous forex trading platform which became very popular because of its user-friendly interface and expert advisor functionalities. To meet the expectations of its clients, Key to Markets offers the best ECN system at very competitive rates.

KTM Trader is the ultimate platform for active traders, which represents the result of years of experience in the financial industry. A full range of functionalities and flexibility satisfy the needs of the most sophisticated traders. This trading platform is the best software on the market for developers and intraday traders who use programming languages to automate their strategies.


The company provides the appropriate solution for Individuals, Fund Managers, Signal Providers, Scalpers and Money Managers who trade on one or more exchanges among currencies, indices commodities, shares, and futures. For the execution of complex strategies using sophisticated trading algorithms, Key to Markets features its own Application Programming Interface (API) Manual. Expert developers can easily integrate their systems with the company's price data feeds and order routing instructions using their black boxes and proprietary algorithms.

With its user-friendly and intuitive platforms, Key to Markets is able to provide powerful trading tools together with effective and friendly customer service. The company is always ready to help the client so that they can make the most of the trading software. Key to Markets offers more favorable terms than the traditional local banks to corporate clients who choose to hedge their financial exposure to commodities and currencies, which is made possible by special agreements with the international prime brokers.

When trading with Key to Markets, asset managers, hedge funds, mutual funds, insurance companies, banks, brokerage firms and professional traders will find an experienced team which has deep knowledge of and is equipped to deal with all the aspects of trading. The team is highly skilled and is able to deal with every eventuality through an efficient and flexible support service with competitive commission rates. Key to Markets provides access to the forex, where currencies are traded on the world's most liquid market.

Customer Support

Key to Markets is always eager to assist its clients and solve the problems that they might come across. Its customer support team can be reached via call and email. Upon request, clients can also connect with its team via Skype.


Key to Markets believes that the financial industry has the responsibility to help build a more sustainable model of society while respecting both people and nature. Hence, it promotes mindful and fair use of the markets involving both financial institutions and individual clients.

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Key to Markets Review

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