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Company Overview

Based in the commercial hub of the world, FXCM is considered to be one of the well-known traders in the forex trading community. The company is based in the city of New York. It is also believed to hold an air of credibility due to its listing on the NYSE, assuring traders that the name has been around for quite some time now. The brand holds the trust of retailers and professionals alike and in the trading community, this is considered an achievement.

FXCM has a long history of reliability when it comes to trades since there have been million upon millions of trades that have been done through its wide range of platforms available. The execution of trade via its platforms is considered to be virtually flawless throughout the globe.

Trading Platform

FXCM trading broker utilizes a number of trading platforms, which are as follows:

  • Trading Station II
  • FXCM Active Trader
  • Trading Station Gateway is considered to be a web-based platform that can be accessed via a web application and mobile devices alike
  • MetaTrader4 platform
  • Active Trader
  • Mirror Trader
  • Mobile Trading Station II


There are a number of features that FXCM offers to its clients, which make it stand out amongst other traders. It has something for everyone with its numerous trading platforms. If you are a typical user and have employed the services of a broker in the past and would like to switch, the presence of MetaTrader 4 would make matters easier for you. However, if you are a new user, then the Trading Station II platform is considered ideal since it has been used for years now and is still deemed to be one of the most stable trading platforms. Along with a streaming newsfeed, it also offers its clients with automated trading options, trading from charts, email alerts, and mobile alert features. It also has scalping and hedging features along with a one-click execution function. These add to its credibility, making it the ideal trading platform.

Customer Support

When it comes to customer support, no one holds its customers in higher regards than FXCM. There are a number of ways to reach the customer service representative at FXCM. One of the easiest is via live chat on the website. However, there are more options available depending on the traders' ease. Contact can be made via email, fax, and the good old-fashioned telephone call. There is another added benefit; a trading desk number is also available to ease the contact process.


The fact that the NYSE does not just regulate the company but it is also listed there is considered to be a trademark of a serious company in the world of forex trading. The fact that there is minimal dealing desk intervention is what makes it stand out amongst other dealers in the market. Furthermore, the spreads that are offered by the company are high and although there is a lack of variable broker spread, the cost of executing a trade is still considered minimal.

Office website: https://fxcm.com/

FXCM Review

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