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Synergy Markets

Synergy Markets is an advisory-based intermediary that collaborates with reputable custodians and platform providers. They provide a range of financial products, portf...


Synergy Markets opens up a world of investment opportunities. They do not hold client money directly, but work closely with trusted custodians to ensure the safekeeping and management of your funds. They focus on a select range of financial products, providing bespoke portfolio construction, single line equity trade ideas for active clients, and a trade signal subscription service. Their advisory service provides restricted advice on a limited number of products. Their advisory dealing service is best suited for self-directed investors who have the confidence to manage their own portfolios and make investment decisions. You will receive trading recommendations for listed securities and fixed income investments, focusing on overall portfolio growth and/or providing income. The following products are available at Synergy: Global equities & fixed Income, derivative products including Options, Futures, CFDs, SpreadBets and rolling Spot FX. Transactions conducted in the account can be dealt on either an advised or execution-only basis, depending whether you trade to implement a personal recommendation from them to you. Synergy Markets provides trade signals on global developed stocks, FX majors, commodities and Indices. Subscribers can expect to receive on average 1-3 trade signals per day. Real time trade signals delivered directly to your inbox! Trade signals can be purchased either on a monthly subscription-only basis, or you can consider joining one of their affiliated brokers and receive the trade signals for free. Synergy utilises a proprietary pattern recognition algorithm that provides the framework for many of their trade ideas. The developers of this technology have between them a combined 28 years experience in financial market trading, computer science and advanced data analytics. Combining this knowledge means state-of-the-art analytics meets high probability trading.