Currency Trading and Intermarket Analysis

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Currency Trading and Intermarket Analysis

Author: Ashraf Laïdi
Publisher: Wiley; 1 edition (December 10, 2008)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 978-0470226230
Average Rating: 4.0 star

The currency market is a place where one gets the opportunity to make lots of money if they are aware of how the market works.It is no secret that to become successful at inter-market trading, one needs to learn about the various factors affecting the currency movements. Trade balances, monetary policies, and inflation levels are only a few of the factors which one needs to know about in detail to have a deeper understanding of currencies.People that trade in the currency market need to makeuse of several technical and financial tools minimize the chance of losses and maximize the possible profits they can earn. Currency Trading and Intermarket Analysis by the forex expert, Ashraf Laidi, offers the information you would need to exploit the benefits of currency trading.
The lucid text of the book covers the key and relevant topics in detail. The content of the book is to the point and will not beat around the bush and create noise. Rather, through its less than verbose prose, it dives straight into what is relevant and how you can make use of it for better gains while working in currency markets. The reader will definitely benefit from the insightful analysis of the author.

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