Forex Copytrade

Alpari CopyTrade

Alpari’s CopyTrade is a feature that allows you to follow the trades of a Strategy Manager of your choice.

  • How it works: Alpari CopyTrade is designed as a shortcut to the markets. As an investor, you choose a suitable Strategy Manager to follow and fund your account. The Strategy Managers and Alpari’s copy trading software then take care of the rest.
  • CopyTrade System: The Strategy Managers watch the markets and plan their trades. When a Strategy Manager makes a profitable trade, they earn 10% of the profit, while you add the remaining 90% to your investment.
  • Benefits: The best part about Alpari CopyTrade is that you only pay your Strategy Manager when they produce a profitable trade. This system allows you to invest like Alpari’s top investors: simply choose a Strategy Manager to copy, and when they trade, so do you.
  • Community: Alpari International has created a community where investors can choose from a variety of Strategy Managers. You can discuss strategies and benefit from their knowledge.