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Company Overview

Capital Spreads was initiated as a financial spread betting site in late 2003. It is a trading name of London Capital Group Holdings plc. The company is one of UK's leading CFD and financial spread betting providers. Its exemplary service was recognized at the 2012 Money AM Awards, where it won two prestigious accolades.

Trading Platform

The Best Online Trading Platform and Best Mobile Trading Platform were awarded to Capital Spreads according to votes made by investors and traders who use many different providers for their CFD and spread betting needs. These acknowledgments are a proof of the hard work and considerable investment that the company has put into both the mobile and online trading platform over the past few years. Its trading platforms have been designed to make your trading experience as straightforward and easy as possible. You will find links to the markets that it offers, broken down by the type of market such as indices, shares, and foreign exchange.


Capital Spreads gives new spread traders an opportunity to sign up to the demo account, which gives beginners £10,000 in virtual cash to trade on the simulated online platform. This demo account is ideal for novices because it allows them to open or close trades, monitor their trading position, edit limit orders and stop-losses, view technical charts and most importantly, learn how to use the company's online trading platform without having to deposit or risk any money.

There is a generous range of products that can be spread bet on, from commodities and major indices to individual interest rates and shares. You can place a spread bet on typical commodities such as oil and metals, but you can trade on less expected items including cotton and orange juice as well. Spread trading at Capital Spreads can be done through the website, which does not require you to download anything. Another option is that you can keep up with your spread betting account by logging onto its mobile platform through either an Android or iOS device. You can not only track the latest movements in the market but also find out the most recent prices.

The Capital Spreads website has a visually fantastic trading screen. You can check through all available markets for spread trading using a split screen layout while at the same time viewing your trade history, account transactions, and open positions. You can also resize the split screen windows to have more space for the aspect of the trade that you want to focus on. The process for setting up an account is really straightforward; you can use your account within ten minutes.

Customer Support

In the case of any queries or complaints, the company can be contacted via call or email.


Capital Spreads is one of the web's largest CFD and spread betting brokers that has carved out a reputation for themselves by offering slim spreads across a diverse range of markets. It is the ultimate broker of choice for numerous professional traders throughout the UK and the rest of Europe.
this company can benefit you a great deal.

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Capital Spreads Review
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