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Company overview

FINAM Investment Company provides mergers and acquisition advisory services. The company's headquarters is in Moscow. It operates as a subsidiary of FINAM Investment Holding. It invests in media, telecommunication, and technology across the world. The FINAM Group is the leading brokerage house in Russia by trading volumes, exceeding $100 billion, and controls 18 percent of the Russian investment market. The holding has turned out into a project, providing a global social networking platform for traders and offering its users extensive trading opportunities. FINAM Global has portfolios of twenty direct investments and manages FINAM institutional funds.

Trading platform

Traders can opt for a live account on MetaTrader 4. MetaTrader 4 is the most popular forex trading platform worldwide. There are many advantages of using the MetaTrader 4 trading platform. There is no restriction of options available whether you are a beginner or professional as hundreds of trading instruments are available for everyone. Its trades are completed in even less than a second. Choosing this trading platform is better than other trading platforms because there are no fees on the deposits, so instant withdrawals do not become a hassle. The MetaTrader 4 app is also available for your tablets and smartphones so that you can also trade while traveling.


The first account type that it offers is for beginners who are new at trading and do not like to make a substantial investment for the first time. They can make a minimum deposit of $5 to start.

The second type of account is for professionals who want to risk less but maximize their profits. They can start with an initial deposit of $100.

The third type of account targets serious and professional investors for large trading volumes. The only method of depositing available for them is through banks. Their initial deposit must be 10,000 dollars or euros.

Another type of account is called multi-exchange, which also targets confident and professional investors. It features 10,000 USD minimum deposit, two pip minimum fixed spread.

Finally, the last trading account is a segregated account. It features Transat trading platform, 0.004% turnover commission, no range, and instant execution.

Customer service

The company's top priority is to provide best customer service to its trader. FINAM has won several prestigious awards including the Financial Elite of Russia award. The broker was known as the most customer-focused organization operating in the currency exchange sector. FINAM's branch offices can be found in 90 Russian cities.


FINAM is one of the largest brokerage house in Russia which provides multiple facilities to its traders to gain the investors' confidence in the company. The trading platform also gives numerous trading services to make investors comfortable. The customer service that the firm provides is exemplary because of which it has won awards. To provide help and assistance to consumers, it has around 90 offices all across Russia. Investing can be promising and reliable to traders.

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FINAM Review

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